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Complete digitalization service

To organize the management of your digital life, all relevant documents must be digitized. But don’t worry, you can confidently leave this effort to our memoresa team – here are all the facts …  Read more

memoresa-App: Digitally manage and secure living wills

A living will is very complex if it is to record your individual wishes – it is all the more important that it is signed by a competent …  Learn more


memoresa-App: So hinterlegst Du Deine Vorsorgevollmacht digital

You should take the issue of a power of attorney of precaution seriously: On the one hand, it is important to provide the   …  Learn more


Memoresa App: Manage bank accounts - and inherit as a precaution

Billions of euros are lying dormant in masterless bank accounts. Prevent your bank accounts from remaining undiscovered after your death. Learn More


Digital legacy: the memoresa app ensures clarity

To manage your data securely during your lifetime and keep your estate up to date: For this purpose there is the memoresa app.  Learn more


Digital data management

Digital order and overview for your analogue paper mountains. Everything in one place! The memoresa app makes it easy for you. Learn more


Full expenditure control

Get the overview and control over your running costs. With the memoresa app this is quick and easy. Learn more



The USB stick seems to be a practical solution to secure the digital estate. But does it make sense? Memoresa clarifies.  Learn more


Digital emergency case

In an emergency, that’s what counts: Your most important documents and records must get into the right hands quickly.   Learn More


Store everything digitally and define access rights individually

The safest place for all affairs. In the memoresa vault you can store everything and set access rights. You decide who can see what.  Learn more


Security: two-factor authentication optionally available

With the two-factor authentication, you can ensure maximum security for your access to memoresa. On the road, in the office or at home. Security first.  Learn more


Managing digital legacy without lists: one app for all cases

Keeping lists for estate planning purposes seems practical. But what about the security and topicality of your data? Learn More


Cloud storage

Digital regulation – so is digital inheritance. Memoresa gives you tips on what is important when backing up data in clouds. Learn more


Your insurances continue to run even after your death. Make sure that your survivors know what they have to deal with.  Learn more

Social networks

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Co.: Manage your social media accounts and make sure they do not appear uncontrolled on the net.  Learn more

Bank accounts

Manage bank accounts securely: Get an overview of your existing securities accounts and bank accounts and decide what to do with them.  Learn more

Online accounts

Amazon, Ebay, Check24 and Co.: Manage your online accounts and access data so that even your surviving relatives know what to do.  Learn more

Cloud Content

Dropbox, Google, Tinder & Co: With memoresa you can easily control and manage your cloud content – even after death.  Learn more

Pension provision

Carry out a concrete inventory at memoresa and let your survivors know that you have provided for them.  Learn more

Telephone contracts

Whether mobile phone or landline contract: Your collected contract documents should be found by your surviving dependants as quickly as possible.  Learn more


Keep an eye on your current subscriptions so that cancellations can be made even after your death.  Learn more


Carry out a systematic inventory and keep track of your analog and digital legacy.    Learn more

Utility contracts

File your utility contracts with memoresa so that your surviving dependants can act as quickly as possible. Learn more



Safety first, including in the management of digital heritage. Find out how memoresa ensures legal and data security. Learn more



You ask, we answer: Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the digital estate and its administration.  Learn more


Package comparison table

Use the comparison table to get an overview of the services offered and find out which package suits you best.  Learn more


News Room

Memoresa in public: press reports, publications on the digital legacy and memoresa in social networks. Learn more



Say thank you: memoresa receives support from the state and private sector. Here we introduce our partners to you.  Learn more


Data grave Internet

Social networks are omnipresent and most people are active in them. But what happens to the data when we die? Learn more

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