About us – the memoresa team introduces itself

Founding history

The idea for memoresa began in an inauspicious way – with a bicycle accident of our one founder Steffen Stundzigs. As with many others, Steffen needed this experience to realise how finite his own life can be. Once Steffen was back on his feet thanks to a lot of good luck, his wife and he decided that his personal and their joint digital legacy needed to be easily accessible and constantly available – just in case something happened again.
So the tech-savvy Steffen set out to find a digital solution for smart storage of important documents, contracts and deeds. And he found nothing.

It would take structured assistance for exactly such situations… With Jörg Schädlich, the idea became reality and together they founded memoresa in 2019.

memoresa? The name for the idea came about at a family dinner. When Steffen’s daughter was preparing for an upcoming Latin exam, they talked shop together about the word memoriae. And so the root word was found. To make the name really easy to remember, it became a melodious memoresa.

Jörg Schädlich

Jörg Schädlich



Steffen Stundzig

Steffen Stundzig



Our vision

“With memoresa, we are creating the ONE place where every person likes to store and organise their most relevant matters.”

memoresa is the digital folder with a system, the simple estate planner and the digital health pass for users of all ages.

We have created a digital platform and app that is ideally suited to your personal life situation. The most important matters for you are safely stored and available to you at any time in the portal. We help you to find and keep order and structure with your certificates, contracts and documents.

Our values


memoresa should be easy, intuitive and fun to use. The wishes and feedback of our users are very valuable to us. That’s why we regularly have the portal tested by different test persons to ensure that memoresa is easy to understand and available for everyone.


In order to guarantee the protection of your data, we think and act in many ways and have had a legal data protection expert at our side since the beginning. An important component is our protected server on which the user data is stored. We regularly check the integrity of our systems through commissioned “test attacks” by specialists.


We make analogue processes and documents digital and start with it in our company – out of conviction. With our products and our platform, we support the digitisation of all documents in the private sector. In this way, we effectively reduce paper consumption and transport routes.


Every user has comprehensive control and overview of what happens with their own data at all times.
We do not pass on any data to third-party providers in a hidden way. There are no hidden hooks – you are in the foreground and we defend your data. The GDPR is our guideline by which we want to work and not just a necessary evil.

Our team

Anika, CMO

“Digitisation, estate and data protection are the three keywords that make memoresa a great asset – for use and at work.”

Anna, B2B and Marketing

„At memoresa we focus on our users and at the same time work on a product that we like to use ourselves.“

Charlotte, Accessibility

“What I like most about working at memoresa is the idea of designing a platform that offers people easy guidance on various matters, regardless of their age or life situation.”

Felix, Machine Learning Engineer

“Summarised in Nerdtalk:
>>> Prediction: positive || Accuracy: 100%”

Georg, Developer

“Our goal is to make the app as easy and convenient as possible to access on the go. Every day looks different, so I don’t have to fear monotony.”

Ieva, Trainee IT

„As a trainee at memoresa, I am given every opportunity for further development and my entry into professional life is made very easy.”

Jörg, Backend-Developer, Cloud-Engineer

“I am happy to work in an international team that also functions well online on a permanent basis. Maximum data security at all times – that’s a promise to the users that drives me.”

Karmen, Management Assistant

„The exciting thing about my position is the variety of tasks. I manage to keep everything in view thanks to my love for order and structures.“

Marcel, Scrum Master

“When memoresa was founded, we were technically on a greenfield site. We implement everything in house. A dream for developers.”

Stanley, Product Owner

“We can design our product in a strong team and tailor our internal processes very individually to the respective phase of product development.”

Theo, Freelancer

“If memoresa is installed as an app right next to LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter, I’m happy.”


“What I liked about memoresa from the very first second was that the focus is on people. In the company as well as in the software. We want to make life easier and clearer for the people out there.”


“I am happy to experience real teamwork at eye level and to be involved (as a working student) in a wide variety of tasks. Let’s get digital!”


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