Digital legacy: the memoresa app ensures clarity

Everyone leaves traces on the Internet – but what happens to them in case of death? You can find out here how to manage your digital estate and take comprehensive precautions in case of an emergency.

My digital estate – have you already thought about it?

While we have written documents for many contracts that provide orientation for our relatives in case of emergency, digital heritage is usually not taken into account. For example, your digital heritage consists of social media and streaming accounts or data stored in the cloud. How should this be handled? Who takes care of the dissolution and reliable deletion? These are topics that the memoresa app intelligently manages for you.

The possibilities go even further:

Not only can you record and manage all contracts such as accounts, utility, insurance or telephone contracts in our structured system, you can also upload and archive your own digitally created or digitized documents. In case of an emergency, the people you specify have an overview of your digital estate and know what to do for each individual record. Or you can simply leave the deletions and cancellations to the memoresa team. Your digital legacy is structured with the help of specially developed digital tools so that you can subsequently manage all matters in your own interest. Of course, you can also use memoresa to name people you trust whom memoresa should notify and leave instructions of all kinds for them to look after your interests. Which data is released for whom and when – whether already during your lifetime or only afterwards – is up to you individually. With memoresa you get an instrument that can do more than just a checklist and provides you with optimum security for your digital estate – for everyone or just about all accounts and contracts.

Digital inheritance: perfectly organised in the memoresa app

To manage one’s own affairs during one’s lifetime speaks for a sense of responsibility: You can effectively relieve your loved ones and make sure that everything is done in your own interest. Get to know memoresa completely without obligation and free of charge. You can already register here to arrange your digital estate individually. Be there right at the start and convince yourself of the scope of services and the transparent cost structure!

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