Storing the digital legacy in a cloud – does that make sense?

Digital control – and so is the estate. Cloud storage has the advantage of giving you instant access to your documents from different devices and locations. Memoresa gives you tips on what is important when backing up data in clouds.

Various providers offer online platforms on which you can store your data: the so-called clouds. With seemingly unlimited storage space and perpetual availability, free cloud storage from online providers is tempting. So why not store the data for your digital estate in cloud storage as well?

Cloud Storage – Backup your data

E-mails, short text messages, holiday pictures and much more are sent online without hesitation. The fear of data attacks is apparently low, but it increases many times over for more sensitive data. Access to bank accounts, insurance policies, contracts and passwords for accounts should therefore be protected against hacker attacks and kept in a safe place. However, when storing documents for your estate in the clouds of common providers, data security is not always guaranteed, as neither the database nor the document storage is individually encrypted. Hackers have an easy game.

memoresa offers you a special protection, as only rules are created, but no sensitive passwords are stored. This prevents unauthorized access to your data. Your documents are stored encrypted on a server in Germany. Your virtual cloud storage is also protected by a firewall. The digital estate remains secure and regulated at all times. Learn more about the security measures at memoresa …

Cloud storage – order is essential

All areas of your digital life belong to your digital heritage after your death. With all those documents – phone contracts, social media accounts, and online subscriptions – it’s hard to keep track.  It takes a lot of effort to capture all the data digitally for posterity. It is important to systematically record even seemingly unimportant portal accesses and digital goods in order to prevent, among other things, fee-based contract renewals.

Memoresa not only supports you in taking a thorough inventory and managing your affairs in the best possible way. With memoresa you also have the possibility to monitor your contract terms with the help of clearly arranged dashboards. So your digital estate is always up to date.

Cloud Storage – Time for your loved ones

What will happen to your survivors after you die? The cloud only contains the information stored in it – the real work is done by your relatives. Social media accounts can be cancelled, contracts terminated, subscriptions cancelled. That costs a lot of time, which can also be emotionally stressful. Because free clouds only store your documents, but do not carry out your last will and testament.

At memoresa you create regulations and a power of attorney for your documents. With the power of attorney, the disposition of which is deposited with the central register of wills, you determine how your digital legacy is to be handled after your death and memoresa implements it for you. After your death, regulations can thus come into force without unnecessarily burdening your relatives.