Details about cloud storage space and its features


For Now

At memoresa you have a private storage space at your disposal. Here you can store important instructions, files, documents, video and audio files and much more (Start-Paket 3 GB, Komfort-Paket 100 GB, Premium-Paket 1 TB).

Maybe you want to:

tell your children in a safe way where the spare key is?
Save video files with special memories so that they can’t get lost?
Take precautions and leave personal messages for your loved ones, which will be sent after your death?


For Later

In your personal area at memoresa you can define what happens to the files stored there and who should have access to them. For each stored file individually or for all files uniformly. There are no restrictions on the file format. The maximum number of files depends on the size of your files.


Die Person(en) Deines Vertrauens erhält Zugriff auf die Datei(en), entweder schon zu Lebzeiten oder erst nach Deinem Tod. Das bestimmst Du.


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