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  • Create structures and get the overview.
  • Organise all your contracts, insurances and important documents.
  • Share documents on the go and have them with you at all times.
  • Safe, secure and 100 % GDPR compliant

Keep the overview 

– anytime and anywhere

Organise your documents digitally:


In this area, you can store your insurance policies digitally. No matter whether you are looking for contract documents or invoices, whether liability insurance, supplementary dental insurance or life insurance, you will find them here.


Bank accounts, vehicle documents, purchase contracts or valuations? You can organise and manage everything to do with your assets here.


Everything that moves you can be stored here. Organise your leasing contract documents, public transport subscriptions, bicycle bills or vehicle documents. We remind you when your MOT is due again or that your contract term is about to end.


Everything about your own four walls has its place here. This way you have household insurance, rental contract, electricity contract and the last meter reading report collected thematically in one place. Enter your running costs at the same time, and you’ve already taken a big step towards order and an overview.


Do you subscribe to magazines or pay TV channels, do you have a Netflix account, are you registered with Spotify, do you use Apple Arcade, Asana or other providers and tools that charge you money every month? Put everything together here, so you get the full overview and can cancel superfluous contracts right away.


Employment contracts, pay slips or outstanding invoices that you have written as a freelancer – here you can file everything that concerns the job.
You can also file documents on pensions and work-related insurances here.

What do we do for you?


We support you in the thorough stocktaking and optimal management of your affairs to be regulated. We do not have opening hours: memoresa is at your disposal 24/7.



Optionally, we offer you the complete digitalization of your documents and the creation of your personal memoresa account. Including collection of the documents at home and return delivery.


Your data belongs to you alone – we protect and preserve your privacy. We use certified security  measures to ensure that only the people you approve have access to your data.

Bring order into your life

Find the right tidy package

Try memoresa for yourself right now!

  1. Log in and choose Digital Order
    select a category such as Insurance and Home Insurance.
  2. Select 1. add household insurance and fill in the fields for provider and policy number.
  3. You can immediately enter a contact with whom the document can be shared.
  4. With the memoresa app you can now take a photo of your policy or scan the document and send it to your memoresa email address.
  5. Go through all the categories that are important to you and then sit back and relax.

Download the free memoresa app on your smartphone

That is important to us:

Data protection at memoresa – Interview with data protection expert Dr. Anna-Lena Hoffmann

Your personal account is yours! You decide who can see your data. We protect them with maximum care. This also includes that we do not pass on or sell any of our users’ data or make it available to anyone.

Guaranteed! Now, for later, forever!

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