Saving lives with a digital organ donor card

Digitale Ordnung auf Reisen bewahren, wie geht das am besten?

Almost 3,000 organs were donated in 2020, but the need for donor organs is much higher. With a completed organ donor card, you can save lives – provided you agree to it. Regardless of whether you want to donate all, only selected or none of your organs, you should get an organ donor card. If you have not declared yourself in favour of or against such a donation during your lifetime, your relatives will be asked about your presumed will in the event of your death and thus faced with a momentous decision in an already difficult situation. With an organ donor card, you not only provide clarity for doctors, but also for your family.

Always with you: your digital organ donor card

If you have decided to fill out an organ donor card, you have already made an important decision. It is equally important that it is quickly available in case of an emergency and that third parties can also access it easily. memoresa supports you in this: Officially, the organ donor card still comes in the form of a small card that you must always have with you. With the digital emergency case, memoresa now offers you the possibility to store your donor card digitally. Via a QR code, which is stuck as a sticker on your health insurance card or your identity card, it can be retrieved and viewed by hospital staff and relatives at any time.

By the way: You also have the opportunity to record your wishes regarding potential organ donation in a living will. You can also conveniently store these in our digital emergency kit. You can read more about this in our article on the topic of living wills.

In addition to your organ donor card and your living will, you can also store other important documents in your digital emergency kit that are needed in the event of a serious accident. These include, for example, information on your blood group, chronic diseases and regular medication.

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