Manage subscriptions and manage digital assets

What does memoresa do for me?

With memoresa you can manage all your subscriptions, contracts and accounts, giving you a complete overview of your commitments. You also give your surviving dependants who are entitled to inherit a detailed overview of which subscriptions must be cancelled or can be taken over. Of course, you decide who will be informed about your subscriptions after your death – during your lifetime or only afterwards.

What happens to my subscriptions when I die?

Many contracts continue after your death. But who knows if the life partner will still want the sports subscription? Or all the other subscribed services? The residential magazine, the good but also expensive virus scanner on your PC, the online music service, the fitness app or the season ticket for your favourite club? There are countless contracts that continue to run without notice or renew automatically.


Always access to all your documents
From different devices and locations
Digitally managing the estate in the cloud
Important necessary safety standards
Tips and advice on what is important when backing up data in the cloud

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