Data security with memoresa:
Putting digital heritage into professional hands

We all leave a digital legacy, which is rarely regulated by will. Reason enough to ensure legal and, above all, data security in good time. How our App
and which safety aspects are important, you can find out here.

Our memoresa app takes a lot off your shoulders: You can not only manage your social network accounts, but also your bank accounts, your insurance contracts up to and including funeral arrangements, all utility and telephone contracts and all other memberships and subscriptions. On the one hand you structure your contracts and on the other hand you get a perfect overview of the content that is stored in a cloud storage like Google, Dropbox & Co. At the same time, you can ensure that your digital estate is managed according to your instructions in case of an emergency – this provides comfortable security even during your lifetime. But what happens to the data?

Digital legacy: data security is top priority

To anticipate: we safeguard your digital heritage in the best possible way – and that in every
individual packages. So you can be sure that

Your virtual private cloud storage is protected by a firewall

And you communicate with the server with optimal encryption

Your digital estate is stored on a server located in Germany

Your database as well as the document storage is encrypted

ISO/IEC 27001:2013, 27017:2015, 27018:2019 and ISO/IEC 9001:2015

The complete communication is set up in accordance with DS-GVO

This is how we ensure that your digital heritage does not fall into the wrong hands. Above all, we adapt the protection to changing legal conditions – and we go even further: If legal regulations become invalid, also with regard to your deposited dispositions, or if changes trigger the need for action, we will also take action for you. So you are always up to date – and therefore on the safe side.

And because you should never say never: We have also made provisions for the event that memoresa runs into economic difficulties and has to cease business operations. On the one hand, there is a button in the portal with which every customer can download all his stored personal documents in a ZIP file. Secondly, we have concluded an escrow contract with a third-party company. This contract ensures that the platform will continue to operate and be available to customers even after memoresa ends.

Secure cloud storage for your documents, data and disposals

The memoresa app can therefore be used individually for your digital heritage: You can
structure and manage certain sub-areas, for example to ensure that
after your death all accounts in the social media will be deleted. Otherwise
all user accounts are active – and therefore the information concerning you online. Alternatively
your digital legacy in our secure cloud storage includes all the things you already have
you would like to arrange according to your own ideas during your lifetime – up to and including funeral arrangements. At
In case of an emergency we will be informed automatically and can take action in your interest. Whether we
involve trusted third parties designated by you, or your instructions directly to the
it’s up to you.

This may sound unusual at first, since until a few years ago such matters were
years in the will or in the corresponding testamentary dispositions. But digitisation does not stop at such sensitive processes: your digital estate must be regulated just as much as your real estate. With our app for a secure digital inheritance, we professionally address a specific need. Register free of charge and without obligation so that we can inform you about the release. Here, too, you enjoy the greatest security: You can look around at your leisure without entering into a contractual obligation – you can rely on that

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