Manage cloud content and control digital assets

What does memoresa do for me?

memoresa offers you a platform on which you can record all your things to be regulated. In addition, memoresa gives you important guidance and legal tips so that you can keep track of everything in the jumble of data and accounts. This applies not only to the management of your data in the cloud or memberships in private online communities, but in all areas that should be regulated.

At memoresa you can manage all your data and also decide what to do with it after your death.


What happens to my Cloud Content when I die?

In short: Without a clear definition by yourself, your data will remain indefinitely in the nirvana of the digital world.


You want me to…

… after your death a certain person gets your data in the dropbox? And the data from your Google Account should be given to someone else? You also want your Tinder membership to be discreetly terminated and your traces on the platform to be deleted? It’s sensible and important to settle all these things in your lifetime.

How can I become active?

Taking the right precautions, keeping your regulations up to date and adapting them to the frequently changing laws is very time-consuming – and without experienced support alone it is hardly possible to implement them. memoresa can help.


Always access to all your documents
From different devices and locations
Digitally managing the estate in the cloud
Important necessary safety standards
Tips and advice on what is important when backing up data in the cloud

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