memoresa vault: store everything digitally and define access rights individually

A place for all affairs: The memoresa app provides you with a safe where you can store everything that is important in an emergency. That special something: You can grant access rights for every action.

With the memoresa app you can create order – and far beyond your digital affairs. A filing system is available for these, which is set up according to your needs: On the one hand, the Documents category is open to you to store important pension documents. On the other hand, you simply sort your processes into the categories finances, communication, memberships, insurances, etc. to get an optimal overview and provide your relatives with all relevant information in case of an emergency. And then there is the safe – and you can use it intelligently for yourself.


memoresa-App: Your digital vault with special features

In the vault you can store all matters that cannot be assigned to a provider. These can be, for example, operating instructions or very specific instructions that you want to give to a certain person in case of an emergency. How does it work? You can explicitly define with whom you would like to share each event and who should be informed after your death. These persons cannot edit the contents.

Some examples should illustrate the enormous potential:

Alarm systems

You deposit a video instruction for the operation of the alarm system in the safe and go on holiday. During your absence your grandmother is supposed to feed your fish – but she cannot operate the alarm system. However, you have left the key to your house with your friend, who also has no idea about security technology. In this case you can simply allow your friend to access the video instructions so that your fish are optimally cared for.

Computer Access

The PCs in your company are password protected. Your boss dies unexpectedly, no one knows the password – so important data is not accessible. If he has taken good precautions, a person designated by your boss will receive an email from memoresa containing the agreed safe contents.

The memoresa vault is interesting for you? Then you should register for free right here – you can find out all the details on the platform.