memoresa app: Digitally manage and secure living wills

A living will is very complex if it is to record your individual wishes – all the more important to draft it with a competent advisor. However, it is just as important to file the living will in such a way that it is quickly at hand in case of an emergency. memoresa is also your reliable contact for this.

In a living will, you can declare your will to doctors, nursing staff or institutions in case you are not able to do this yourself for health reasons. You can therefore specify in detail which medical measures should be taken – and which not. It is in the nature of things that many sensitive issues have to be clarified here – and this requires basic knowledge in various areas.

Living will: Define current and revise if necessary

Anyone who gets into such a poor state of health that they cannot discuss the advised treatment with the doctor themselves will benefit from the memoresa app. In addition to your living will, all contracts, deadlines, terms and much more are stored here in such a way that only authorised persons have access and can take over your affairs immediately in an emergency. Reality shows that the stipulations made in a living will are a relief, especially for the relatives: In an emergency they would not have to make any far-reaching decisions, but could orient themselves on your written will.

However, the document must also be ready to hand at all times: You can store the living will in such a way that medical or nursing staff can access it quickly – in the central register of provision at the Federal Chamber of Notaries. We will organise this for you, and you will even benefit from lower costs: instead of the regular 21.50 euros, you only pay 15 euros – but that is only one aspect.

memoresa app: Also digitally record living wills

As is generally the case with memoresa, you can differentiate access rights to your digitally managed affairs and change them at any time: If you allow your advisor to access your living will, he or she could, for example, quickly initiate legally relevant updates for you – this creates security, which is of vital importance in such a difficult life situation.

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