Social networks: the deletion of data in case of death

People today are socially networked – but what happens to the accounts in case of death? Deleting your personal data on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & Co. can be a real challenge for bereaved people.

Take precautions: delete data in social media

Social media offer much more than just entertaining contributions and the quick exchange of information with friends, relatives and acquaintances: Private photos are uploaded, personal details are communicated – and thus leave traces and data behind. Should you die, accounts will remain in place, unless you have made other arrangements. Surviving relatives can then only gain access with some effort to arrange for the deletion of data.


Sensible and effective prevention, but how?


You can take effective precautions by making appropriate settings in social networks. If you enter a contact for the estate in the “My account” or “My data” section, you can delete the data directly in the event of death. Every network proceeds differently, so it requires research and effort to organize all channels in a sensible way. Your surviving dependants will still be in control – which in turn requires you to pass on your wishes.
Alternatively you can use the memoresa app: Here you can list all accounts, online accounts, contracts and insurance policies as well as cloud access and leave instructions in case of your death. In addition, you can upload your own documents, name trusted third parties and give memoresa power of attorney to implement the stored instructions. If the worst comes to the worst, the persons specified will be informed directly – or you can instruct memoresa to carry out your last wishes.

Proceed with caution: Social networks are part of the digital legacy

If you want to make sure that your data is completely deleted from the social networks in case of an emergency, you have to make some effort. The memoresa app makes it easier – and safer: You have access to a whole range of functions that support you effectively. Convince yourself: Register here for free and be there when the app is launched!

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