Since the spring of 2019, the two founders of memoresa, Steffen Stundzig and Jörg Schädlich, have been sitting together time and again on the topic of “digital regulation of the estate” and have tried to find a sensible solution on the market. In vain.
But when an IT specialist and a financial expert with experience in the start-up sector recognize a real problem that can be solved digitally, this can lead to a new solution, just like here. So memoresa was founded, the platform for the settlement of estates. Since late summer 2019, work has been underway and there are already many public and private bodies that understand the model and are willing to support it. Here is an excerpt that may already be published, there are others that want to remain unnamed:


Support for the market launch of innovative products for marketing, sales, advertising and production

Sächsiche AufbauBank SAB – Brand launch of innovative products

Grant period December 2019 – November 2021


Promotion of the use of management consultancy services in accordance with the framework directive of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy

Eligible under Invest – Grant for venture capital

valid until 5 September 2020

Investors get 20% of their investment directly reimbursed by the state

from 10.000 to max. 500.000€, refund will be made directly after purchase

Exit grant – flat-rate reimbursement of taxes on sale

in the amount of 25% of the capital gain from €2,000

BAFA – Management consultancy

Promotion of the use of management consultancy services in accordance with the framework directive of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy

80% Commitment for management consultancy, called in January 2020

City of Leipzig – Office for Economic Development

SME programme

50% Promotion of creative ideas, applications in planning

Freistaat Sachsen
Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfhurkontrolle
Stadt Leipzig

Supported by:


Partner of:

Link to the website: meinepatientenverfügung

Situations can arise where you are no longer able to give your consent and need medical treatment. In a living will, you can specify what medical measures you want to take in such situations. The aim of my Patient Decree is to make an active contribution to ensuring that as many people as possible can live as self-determined a life as far as possible and die with dignity, even in the last phase of life when they are unable to give their consent.

MeinePatientenverfü offers the innovative online service for the creation of a living will including a power of attorney for preventive medicine and a living will for care directly from home: fast, legally compliant and effective. As PDF version for direct download or in combination with our document service as well as emergency and archive service – for direct and secure access from anywhere at any time. No previous knowledge is required. Our interactive online interview guides you through the creation process, provides you with all the information you need and answers all your questions exactly where they occur. From a variety of different and individual choices, you only have to choose the alternative that exactly matches your values. MeinePatientenverfü – because it is simply important!

Link to the website:

eRiXA© is Germany’s first independent online platform for the secure exchange of e-prescriptions in private health insurance and statutory health insurance. With the help of the smartphone app (Apple & iOS) and web application, doctors, patients and pharmacies can already send and receive e-prescriptions based on the gematik specification – “PSO” = Paperless. Secure. Optimal! With “eRiXa©”, the patient is free to choose at any time which pharmacy he or she would like to use for the e-prescription (currently over 6,000 local pharmacies throughout Germany) and the cloud-based eRiXa© service is already absolutely future-proof TODAY (eRiXa© is a “Trusted App” by APPVISORY). Thanks to numerous cooperations from the IT environment and the healthcare sector, such as, memoresa and APOMONDO, the functional scope of useful features around the topic of digital health is also growing. Click here for a FREE download of the APP (Apple & iOS):

Link to the website: is a manufacturer of emergency cases and supplies the equipment for professional first aid. Free reminder service, easy exchange system and nationwide training ensure your safety and perfect emergency management. We help save lives!

Link to the website:

With the CAYA digital mailbox you receive your daily mail online. In the CAYA Document Cloud you manage and edit your documents in one place. Simple, reliable, efficient. With over 20,000 customers and a rating of 4.7 / 5 ★ CAYA is the leading provider in Germany.

Link Ordnungsservice:

Link Ordnungswelt: and are networks of professional tidying partners that support both private individuals and entrepreneurs. Whether the private closet, the home office, the office of the self-employed or the attic that has been cluttered for years: The competent tidying coaches are at your side with advice and practical help to achieve your tidying goals.

Link to the website:

Fenomed is an online retailer that offers a wide range of medical equipment. From basic diagnostic equipment to professional emergency equipment, Fenomed provides high quality products at an affordable price.

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