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With memoresa you can:

  • settle your estate digitally
  • bringing digital order into your everyday life
  • create your digital emergency page
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– For the liberating feeling of having made good provisions.

With memoresa, we want to create a place for you where you can bring order and relief into your everyday life, where you can already make provisions for the future and create more clarity for yourself and your loved ones. On our way we are guided by our four core values, because memoresa sees itself as secure, simple, transparent and digital. You can find out more about memoresa, our path and the team on our team page.

What is memoresa?

memoresa is your online platform and mobile app for simple estate planning, secure emergency provisions and digital order with a system. We will guide you through the process step by step.

Managing all these things digitally offers you numerous advantages:

  1. only ONE place for ALL your documents
  2. quickly find what you need thanks to a clever filing system
  3. always with you on the go
  4. share documents with others over any distance
  5. Thought of everything? Don’t worry, we think for you!

Download the free memoresa app on your smartphone

What do you want to start with?

digital heritage

Your estate can be versatile. Above all, it can be organised. Here you can discover the possibilities and take care of everything!

  • gather your assets
  • deposit all your insurances, will and last words where they will be found
  • Have you thought about memberships and online access?
  • We think of much more for you!


If anything is worthwhile, it is a perfect overview. You have full control over costs, deadlines and important documents at any time, from anywhere.

  • accounts & deposits at a glance
  • insurances & contracts always at hand
  • organise and securely divide marriage, house and child
  • collect and manage tax documents
  • organise many more categories at once

Digital emergency page

When it comes to life and death, every second counts. With your emergency card and the corresponding digital emergency page, you enable emergency services to provide fast, targeted treatment.

  • Diseases (e.g. diabetes, asthma)
  • Medications (e.g. insulin, anticoagulants)
  • Allergies (e.g. painkillers, antibiotics)
  • Emergency contacts
  • Relevant documents such as vaccination card, living will
  • and much more!

Bring order into your life

Find the right tidy package

This is how memoresa can help you:

Three small steps to digital order:

Whether you want to plan your estate digitally, create your digital emergency page or are on your way to digital order, we will guide you step by step through the entire process.


For example, in the Insurance section, select Life Insurance. Follow the simple instructions and fill in four fields: Name, policy number, provision for later and your trusted person. That’s it!


Take a photo of the corresponding paper document directly in our app or scan it and send the file to your memoresa email address. Now the document is digitally linked.


Access your contracts at any time, change the regulations or store detailed information, for example on beneficiaries or costs. This gives you a complete overview.
Do you have any questions?

We are there for you: Tell us when it suits you and we will call you back at the agreed time (German). You can also check our help section to see if your question has already been answered.

That is important to us:

Data protection at memoresa – Interview with data protection expert Dr. Anna-Lena Hoffmann

Your personal account is yours! You decide who can see your data. We protect them with maximum care. This also includes that we do not pass on or sell any of our users’ data or make it available to anyone.

Guaranteed! Now, for later, forever!

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