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Accounts, user and online bank accounts – we leave numerous traces and data on the Internet. Do you have them all in view? Of course you can keep records, but there is also an intelligent alternative.

Whether social media, banks or retail and service companies – most providers today offer you the possibility of online access to get the information you want even faster. That means for you: Create accounts and assign numerous passwords to meet all security requirements. How do you keep track of things if you don’t use these accounts regularly – and where can your relatives find all the information they need in an emergency?


The memoresa app creates overview – and security

One option would be to record all online accesses in a completely analogous way – with contract duration, costs and other notes. However, you still lose sight of the issues, because what does the reality look like? We file a process, that’s it. Unless, of course, we are permanently involved. So the running costs add up with every subscription, even if you may not use it at all.

It makes more sense to first take a digital inventory and then store all the important data in one place, well sorted. The memoresa app opens up these possibilities for you: In just a few steps you will be guided through a classification system in which you can manage all accounts and accounts. For each category, such as social media, account connections or telephone contracts, there is a digital drawer that you simply fill. Already at this point you get an optimal overview of the current liabilities – with the term control you have all contracts under control.

Furthermore: If something happens to you, we can not only inform your relatives, but also cancel all accounts and arrange for their deletion. All we need for this is your user name: We don’t want to know your passwords or PINs.

Memoresa-App: digital order also for analogue matters

Your file folders get thicker and thicker as you go through life. Contracts, certificates, diplomas, application documents, deeds – everything finds a place somewhere in your paper files and must be laboriously searched for and found if necessary.

 You create digital order in your analogue affairs easily and permanently with the tools of the memoresa app. In your personalised filing system, you enter the most important data for each document, optionally add the document as a scan or image file and then never have to search for it again.

 In this way you create order and security in every respect – register right here free of charge and without obligation.

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