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Digitale Ordnung auf Reisen bewahren, wie geht das am besten?

We are Jenny and Christian from the travel blog As digital nomads, we are on the road with our laptops almost all year round, so we know that in addition to the backpack, the laptop must also be tidy in order to find our way around quickly. And above all, not to lose track of accounts, contracts and access.

All too often, we have found ourselves searching for (and not finding) important documents such as contracts and access in digital nirvana. Often, hours were spent just to find out that the storage medium on which the documents are stored was not even there. That’s why we quickly realized that we had to systematize the whole thing as cloud-based as possible. Especially if we want to continue our own location-independent online business in the coming years. No matter whether from Bali, Thailand, Myanmar or the Canary Islands. A central point of contact that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. In our opinion, digital cloud-based filing systems such as memoresa are just the right thing to get a quick overview of your own documents, subscriptions and accesses. No matter from which laptop or smartphone in the world.

Because we ourselves try to avoid paper almost completely. In a traffic accident in Thailand at the end of 2017 we barely escaped death. In the Thai hospital a lot of documents were necessary to start with our operations. Fortunately we had digitalized the most important documents like our foreign health insurance and gave the accesses also to our parents. This allowed us to access them quickly even in the hospital.

Because of such experiences, a central contact point where everything is bundled together is very important to us. Without having to rummage through masses of external hard disks, which in the worst case scenario would no longer work anyway.

In the beginning it might be a bit time-consuming to digitalize everything and make it available online. But if you have ever lost your passport abroad, you know what we are talking about. And then it is still better to have a copy than to have nothing at all.

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