Just in case: Manage living wills digitally

Digitale Ordnung auf Reisen bewahren, wie geht das am besten?

In a living will, you can specify which medical measures should be carried out in the event of your incapacity to make decisions – and which should not. It is primarily addressed to your doctors, but sometimes it is also relevant for your relatives. In this way, you can ensure that your will is implemented even if you are no longer able to express it.

Living will: Relieving the burden on relatives as a precaution

In your living will, you can state your wishes regarding life-sustaining measures such as the artificial supply of food and fluids, the administration of antibiotics or artificial respiration. If you do not have an advance directive, your representative, together with your attending doctors, must decide on the further course of action and your treatment. In such a difficult situation, this is often an additional burden for your family. With a living will, you can relieve your relatives even before the worst happens and relieve them of far-reaching decisions in advance.

Manage living wills digitally and play it safe

However, having filled out a living will at some point is not enough in an emergency. It is important that the people treating you and your family can access it easily and as quickly as possible. For this reason, you should definitely inform someone about the location of your living will. You also have the option of storing it digitally so that you always have it with you. memoresa offers the solution for this with the Digital Emergency Kit. In this case, you can digitally store important documents such as your living will. Using a QR code stuck to your health insurance card or ID card, relatives and hospital staff can access your personal emergency kit and retrieve the documents you need in the event of an accident or your death.

In addition to your living will, you can store many other documents in the digital emergency kit that are needed in the event of a serious accident or your death. These include, for example, information on your blood group, chronic diseases and regular medication.

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