Better today than tomorrow: Deposit your health care proxy digitally

Digitale Ordnung auf Reisen bewahren, wie geht das am besten?

A health care proxy is certainly not a question of age, because everyone should have one! In emergency situations in which you are no longer able to make decisions yourself, you should also have a health care proxy in addition to the living will.

In this document, you can appoint a person you trust to take care of your affairs if necessary. Relatives, but also friends or acquaintances can take on this task. You choose the areas in which the person acts on your behalf.

For example, this can apply to your health and your place of residence (home, care facility), but also to the management of your assets. The health care proxy also serves to enforce your documented will in the corresponding living will. Without a health care proxy, a guardianship court may appoint a third party as a professional guardian.

The following points should be included in a health care proxy:

  1. Your personal data (name, place and date of birth, current address)
  2. Personal data of the proxy holder
  3. Current date and place of creation
  4. Signature of both parties (the power of attorney is legally binding as of signature)

Our partners at My Living Will can help you draw up professional documents. They are very familiar with the provisions for the health care proxy, the living will and the care proxy.

The quickest way to file your health care proxy alongside other documents is digitally. We at memoresa have developed the Digital Emergency Kit for this purpose, among others.

Always at hand: Your health care proxy in the digital emergency kit

In an emergency, everything runs smoothly. If the necessary documents and information are available as early as possible, life is more relaxed. The memoresa digital emergency kit offers you a quick, simple and secure solution. Leave your health care proxy with us digitally and don’t forget your living will!

There is also room for other important documents (e.g. care directive, vaccination certificate, organ donor card).

Other vital information that you can record in the digital emergency kit is accessible to paramedics and emergency doctors via a QR code. This is stuck as a sticker on your identity card and your health insurance card. In an emergency, the paramedics will be informed about your blood group, any chronic illnesses you may have and any medication you regularly take. This contributes to an optimal treatment that can be carried out quickly and effectively.

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