Manage online accounts and manage digital inheritance

What does memoresa do for me?

Access data changes regularly – and new customer accounts mean that additional access data is added. Always having an up-to-date list at hand is time-consuming. The most sensible thing to do is therefore to record all customer accounts in full and to store them with appropriate notes.
memoresa offers you the possibility of systematically compiling your access data and storing it securely. You can access the online platform at any time, change your data and add new customer accounts. And this applies not only to your online accounts and customer accounts, but to all areas that should be regulated. You should also make provisions for the time after your death: You want memoresa to close your accounts for you or transfer them to someone else? You can decide that too – and much more.

What happens to my online accounts when I die?

Your online accounts remain in the databases of the providers without being cancelled. In order to enable the surviving dependents to access customer accounts at Amazon, Ebay, Check24 and Co., it is recommended to store access data in a safe place. Memoresa offers you a platform to prepare your documents and ensure that the right person has access to this estate in the event of an emergency.

Manage all data in one secure place
From different devices and locations
Plan, manage and keep your estate up to date
Important necessary safety standards
Control over your data with the memoresa app
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