memoresa app: digital provision – don’t forget the custody order!

It is hardly known and yet it can provide so much security: the custody power of attorney. You can take digital precautions and decide at your leisure who should take care of your child in extreme cases. This far-reaching decision needs to be well thought through. But above all, it should be reliably accessible to the decision-makers – this is where the memoresa app helps you.

It is not a pleasant thought, but we are not immune to the imponderables of life. If you have children, it is even more important to deal with death: Who will then accompany them on their way to life, take care of them, love them? The natural choice, namely grandparents, other relatives or even godparents, are not automatically taken into account. The decision is made by a judge in cooperation with the Youth Welfare Office – but you can formulate your will effectively.

Custody order

The topic is not only relevant for single parents, but also for couples. On the one hand, many parents live together without a marriage certificate, on the other hand, it happens far too often that both parents die. With a custody power of attorney you can name the people you trust. They should be of age, but also young enough to be able to look after your children until they reach majority. The competent judge will check their suitability, but chances are very good with a custody order. To be on the safe side, you should seek comprehensive advice. It is therefore advisable not only to deposit this document with the probate court, but above all to deposit it in the memoresa app.


memoresa: Managing custody power of attorney online

In an emergency, it is important that all of the decrees and powers of attorney you have written are accessible. Here we can support you effectively: You decide individually which persons should be informed in which case – and we do it for you. In this way, the authorised persons not only receive the digital versions of your documents for inspection, but also find out exactly where the originals are stored. Of course, you can always reconsider your decisions without having to consult the original – this is how digital prevention works.

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