Never lose your vaccination card again

Vaccinations against polio or tetanus and diphtheria should be refreshed after ten years. In the meantime, the vaccination card often lies untouched in a drawer. The big search begins at the next vaccination appointment, and although it comes in bright yellow, the vaccination card sometimes remains untraceable. It can also quickly get lost while travelling. Getting a new one is a big hassle. That doesn’t have to be the case and that’s why you can prevent such situations. Store your vaccination certificate digitally! It’s quick, easy and safe.

In case of emergency, your vaccination certificate is immediately accessible

To ensure that your vaccination status remains verifiable and up-to-date at all times, you can use the memoresa digital emergency kit and store your vaccination certificate there. This way you can keep track of your vaccinations and upcoming refresher courses.
In an emergency, such as a traffic accident, paramedics and emergency doctors have immediate access to vital information. Knowledge of your blood type, any chronic illnesses and regular medication will help ensure quick and proper treatment. This also means that paramedics and emergency doctors know about your vaccination status.

A sticker with a QR code, which is attached to your identity card or your health insurance card, gives the rescuers access to your digital emergency kit. In this way, they can also view other documents you have deposited, such as your organ donor card and your living will.

Other vital information that you can record in the Digital Emergency Kit can be accessed by paramedics and emergency doctors via a QR code. This is stuck as a sticker on your identity card and your health insurance card. In an emergency, the paramedics will be informed about your blood group, any chronic illnesses you may have and any medication you regularly take. This contributes to an optimal treatment that can be carried out quickly and effectively. 

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