memoresa-App: How to deposit your power of attorney digitally

You should take the issue of a power of attorney of precaution seriously: On the one hand, it is important to provide the appropriate persons with the appropriate rights, and on the other hand, to deposit the power of attorney in such a way that it can be effective in an emergency. This is the best way to proceed.

To anticipate it: A power of attorney for precaution can be drawn up without a notary, but it is advisable to consult a specialist advisor. The possibilities for structuring a power of attorney are as varied as the consequences are far-reaching. In principle, you give another person the power of attorney to take care of your affairs and interests in an emergency – including financial transactions and all the consequences arising from them. This needs to be well thought out. However, you should also think through the question of where such a power of attorney should be deposited – here is our proposal.

Power of attorney

It’s not a topic people like to talk about. But the question is: What happens if you are no longer able to look after your own interests due to illness? Who is allowed to manage which matters for you? And what happens in case of death? Who may access the account? It is by no means self-evident that your relatives will then automatically be assigned all rights and duties – not even spouses become legal representatives of the person concerned. Here the court intervenes and appoints an authorised representative, unless other arrangements have been made – in a power of attorney of precaution. That is why professional advice makes sense – after all, you have to be able to rely on your trusted third party in an emergency.

memoresa: Digital management of pension power of attorney

The question of depositing is just as important: in Germany there is a central register of provision with the Bundesnotarkammer (Federal Chamber of Notaries), which we also recommend. If you use our memoresa app, you can even save money: instead of the usual 21.50 euros, you only pay 15 euros – but that is only one of the advantages. More important is that you can grant individual access rights for your affairs in the memoresa app. Here you should also consider your pension consultant: If, for example, the legal framework changes or you want to update something yourself, this can be done without any problems. The memoresa app gives you comfortable and secure scope – use it to your advantage.

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