Managing digital heritage without lists with memoresa: one app for all cases

Digitalization changes all areas of our life, even your last will is affected: Your digital legacy must be clarified in detail – either with a list or more intelligently with the memoresa app.

Last will 2.0: digital legacy cleanly listed

What happens to your email accounts, social media accounts, cloud services and shopping registrations if you die unexpectedly? They are preserved – the Internet never forgets anything. At least one trusted person should therefore know your access data and receive a corresponding power of attorney from you, so that you can cancel if necessary and delete all stored data. It is not without reason that the consumer advice centre recommends that all access data is listed neatly and completed on an ongoing basis

Naturally, you’re passing on highly confidential information in a concentrated form, after all, the data has to be stored safely somewhere. Alternatively, you can also organise this in the memoresa app, where your digital heritage is in perfect hands: To record your data, memoresa systematically guides you through your affairs, you decide which trusted third party you want to inform and how they should handle your data – or you can let the memoresa team handle your accounts by means of a power of attorney. If the worst comes to the worst, your instructions will be carried out. In this way you create security – and that far beyond death.

The intelligent alternative: memoresa app protects your digital heritage

If you are concerned about the traces of your digital activities, you are acting in an extremely responsible manner: not only do you regulate your affairs prudently, but you also relieve your relatives. The memoresa app can support you effectively and offers numerous other interesting functions. Registration is very easy, but above all it is free and without obligation. So have a look around and stick with the free freemium package or choose an upgrade that suits your needs. Take the chance, register right here!