memoresa-App: How the complete furnishing service works

To organize the management of your digital life, all relevant documents must be digitized. But don’t worry, you can confidently leave this effort to our memoresa team – here are all the facts.
Before you can enjoy the optimal order in your contracts, powers of attorney or social media accounts, the relevant data and documents must be uploaded to the memoresa app. Of course we have optimised this process so that you can complete all the steps with a simple scanner. But of course this requires a certain amount of time – time that you might not be able or willing to invest. There is a perfect way out for this too – our complete service.

Complete service: memoresa with all-round solution

The procedure is very simple:

  1. Register with memoresa and log in.
  2. Create the order to pick up your relevant documents.
  3. We will make sure that all documents are packed in special boxes at your home and brought to the company headquarters in Leipzig – you don’t have to remove staples or other utensils.
  4. In Leipzig, the documents are also digitalised, reliably and securely.
  5. You can monitor the progress in a special area of the app and find out the return delivery date.
  6. Once all documents are documented, our team will carry out a check and then set up your customer account.

The bottom line is that, including the payment process, it takes just five clicks to manage your affairs and set up the best possible digital administration. It doesn’t matter how extensive your collection of documents is – we provide security and convenience:

Order: We sort your documents from all areas of life and store them digitally.

Planning: Simply determine what should happen to your contracts in the future.

Security: We meet your requirements and specifications as agreed.

It has never been easier, safer or cheaper to set up and benefit from digital data management than with the memoresa app – open your free memoresa account right now and see for yourself!

The introductory price for the complete service, including collection of the documents at home and return delivery, is for up to 400 pages: 79 € instead of 99 €

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