Full expenditure control: the many advantages of the memoresa app

It not only regulates your digital heritage, it also brings order to your current contracts. But above all, the memoresa app gives you an optimal overview of your expenses – that creates security.

There are a few good reasons for our memoresa app – and you should not underestimate this one either: The contracts, subscriptions and memberships you have stored are stored in the relevant categories. In an emergency, your surviving dependants would have access to all important information to be able to cancel or change contracts. On the other hand, our memoresa app automatically calculates how much you pay for each contract each month or year – and you’re in for some surprises.


Your spending app: put your finances in order with memoresa

Even small amounts add up if they are paid regularly – you will certainly gain this insight once you have entered all your current commitments in the memoresa app. And above all: How many subscriptions or contracts do you actively use? Which insurance policies and savings contracts have you actually taken out? So a cash fall like this makes sense in any case. As soon as you have gained an overview, you will recognise the exact need for optimisation and can take action.

This means that the memoresa app not only fulfils its function in case of death, but also supports you in every situation in life:

You can

  • Managing your digital heritage is easy,
  • Deposit your orders and powers of attorney,
  • Manage and inherit your bank accounts,
  • Arrange your insurance policies with all the data,
  • Save your online accounts with the appropriate access data and
  • List your contracts with utilities, subscriptions, memberships and phone providers.

And last but not least: You bring order to your private finances – and in the FREEMIUM version even for free. The registration is completely uncomplicated and without obligation, so that you can look around in peace and quiet. Convince yourself of the numerous advantages and register now for free.

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