Digital emergency case: memoresa app for personal emergency prevention

In an emergency, that’s what counts: Your documents, orders and powers of attorney must get into the right hands quickly. The memoresa app as a digital emergency case – you determine the access rights.

Personal provision for emergencies is an issue that concerns us all: on the one hand, you should keep important documents safe, and on the other hand, your surviving dependants must be able to access them quickly in an emergency. This apparent squaring of the circle can be easily solved: Simply deposit personal documents in the memoresa app and assign access rights in a targeted manner. This way you create a digital emergency case that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.


Your personal emergency precautions: It’s as simple as that

Whether it is a living will, a power of attorney for care or preventive medicine – if your state of health no longer allows you to represent your interests independently, you will need the support of a person you trust. You can explicitly determine who is to be appointed for which concerns. For example, your partner needs a power of attorney to be informed by the attending doctors in an emergency – unless you are married. Another power of attorney is necessary to dispose of your account and to carry out financial transactions in your name if you are not able to do so. So there are many things to be done to be really prepared for an emergency.

But how do your relatives get their hands on the documents when things have to move fast? It’s very simple: You upload the relevant documents to the memoresa app, authorise the relevant people and inform them about it. You don’t take any risks because the documents can be viewed and printed out, but they cannot be changed – personal documents remain untouched and your interests are protected. How does it work? It’s very simple: register without obligation and take your time to look around. You will quickly realize that you will be given detailed instructions for all processes. And best of all: registration is completely free – just click here and complete a few steps.

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