Managing digital estates on the USB stick – how useful is that?

At first glance, the USB stick appears to be an extremely practical solution for securing the digital estate. All important documents are quickly dragged onto the stick and stored in a practical folder structure. You have everything managed in one place and – if the device has a USB port – you can access and make changes from anywhere. 

USB sticks are our little everyday companions for transporting documents temporarily from A to B. For various reasons, they are only suitable for permanent data backup to a limited extent.

USB sticks – small, handy, quick to install

As practical as the size of the data carrier is, it can be misplaced or even lost very quickly. Everyone who has your USB stick in their hand automatically has access to all your files. There is no password protection. If there are important and confidential documents on the stick, this can lead to unpleasant situations. In case of loss, all documents are irrevocably lost and you can start again with the inventory of your current contracts, insurances and memberships. Password-protected USB sticks, on the other hand, bring the security aspect with them but lose the practicality. Where to go again with the password for the USB stick?
After your death, your survivors will have to search for the USB stick or the password of the USB stick – if they even know about its existence.

Memoresa provides you with a cloud-based online platform that you can access anytime, anywhere, so documents can’t get lost. In the event of death, Memoresa informs the person(s) you have chosen during your lifetime about your legacies and implements the arrangements you have made.

USB stick – data management

Even during its lifetime, a USB stick is only suitable for data management to a limited extent. Once the documents are stored, they are usually no longer processed. A document cemetery is created. In order to manage your digital estate in the best possible way, you should also keep an eye on the legal situation, as your documents could lose their validity due to legal changes. Keep your documents up to date and add new contracts, insurance policies, social media accounts and other memberships to your document repository. This is only possible to a limited extent on the USB stick – every USB stick has a certain storage capacity which you specify when you buy it, updates are impossible.

On memoresa you can manage, edit, add or delete your documents at any time. memoresa informs you about changes in the law that make it necessary to adapt your stored documents. So your digital estate is always up to date. If you need more storage space, you can upgrade at any time.

USB stick – one for all

Would you like to leave your partner a farewell letter that is only meant for him? Do you have documents for your colleague that require secrecy or are you a member of forums that neither your partner, nor your mother or colleague should know about? For this scenario, storing the digital estate on a USB stick is not suitable.

On memoresa you can define for each document individually who should have access to it – either directly or only after your death: You decide. In the scenario above, your partner receives a farewell letter, your mother another. Your colleague receives the important documents and we cancel your membership on your behalf – as discreetly as you would have wished during your lifetime

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