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Whether insurance, subscriptions, telephone contracts or your social media accounts: memoresa offers you the opportunity to take a systematic inventory of all your affairs so that you have everything in view (up to 25 in the Freemium package, up to 75 in the Komfort package, up to 100 in the Premium package). You can adapt and manage your stored documents at any time, or share important documents with other people. In addition, you have the possibility to determine yourself what should happen to your arrangements after your death. You decide who gets access to which documents and what should happen to them.


For later

Example Insurance Contract – Create Home Insurance:

  • Log on to memoresa
  • Create a new matter and select your provider
  • Upload your insurance policy as PDF or image file
  • Add an ink note (optional)
  • Decide whether you want to grant someone else access to the document
  • Determine what to do with the contract after your death.

In memoresa, nothing is set in stone: Your matter can be adjusted, changed or deleted at any time by you – you decide!


After your death, memoresa will inform the person you specified and send them the contract, including the note you deposited, and will take care of its execution.

Alternatively, you can authorise memoresa to take care of the termination of the contract. You can issue this power of attorney directly in the memoresa app. Memoresa will then contact the insurance company immediately after your death and cancel your contract.

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