Manage insurance policies and manage digital estates

What does memoresa do for me?

Bring digital order to the chaos of contracts, insurance policies and accounts – you can do that with memoresa, the platform for the digital management of your documents.
Are you sure? Yes, for sure! What’s more, you always have an up-to-date overview of your affairs, because with memoresa you can manage all areas of your digital life. You decide with whom you want to share your documents – either during your lifetime or after your death.

What happens to my insurance when I die?

If you do not cancel your insurance, it will continue to run after your death. Benefits will not be paid out.
In order to reduce the bureaucratic burden on your surviving dependants as much as possible, you should make an exact inventory of your insurance contracts during your lifetime. This will ensure that your surviving dependents entitled to inherit will receive the insurance benefits to which they are entitled without delay. Other contracts, on the other hand, have to be cancelled after your death or they pass to an heir. In any case, it must be ensured that all policies are known in order to inform the respective contractual partner of the death of the policyholder or insured person.


Always access to all your documents
From different devices and locations
Digitally managing the estate in the cloud
Important necessary safety standards
Tips and advice on what is important when backing up data in the cloud

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