Keep the overview and control your digital life

now – for later – forever

Your advantages:

  • Order – digital archieving for all matters and areas of life
  • Control – overview of accesses, costs, deadlines and durations
  • Planning – determining today what to do with your contracts tomorrow
  • Safety – in the highest standard, for you and your relatives
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In simple steps to digital order.

More time for me.


Permanent control and overview of costs.

More money for me.


Keeping an eye on maturities, planning terminations safely.

More capacity for new destinations.


Maximum security and topicality without effort.

More peace of mind for me.

What do we do for you?


We support you in the thorough stocktaking and optimal management of your affairs to be regulated. We do not have opening hours: memoresa is at your disposal 24/7.



Optionally, we offer you the complete digitalisation of your documents and the creation of your personal memoresa account. Including collection of the documents at home and return delivery.


Laws change. We continuously take care of the legal validity of your deposited regulations and inform you about legal changes that make adjustments in your account necessary.


Your data belongs to you alone – we protect and preserve your privacy. We use certified security  measures to ensure that only those who you release have access to your data.



We are automatically informed of the death and implement your regulations – either directly or together with your chosen trusted third party. In any case, exactly as you have determined during your lifetime.

How much for memoresa?

The first month is always free. After that we offer 3 packages with different features.

Bank accounts

With memoresa you can manage your bank accounts securely. You also guarantee your heirs an overview of your existing deposits and bank accounts, because after your death they are the ones who have to take care of your accounts. Learn more

Social Networks

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat & Co.: Your social media accounts stay online until someone cancels them. Did you know that your contributions can appear on the digital network uncontrolled and indefinitely – even after your death? Learn more

Online Accounts

Amazon, Ebay, Check24 and Co. – even if you no longer use an online account, it will remain without cancellation, even after your death. At memoresa you can manage your online accounts and access data so that even your survivors know where and what to do. Learn More

Telephone Contracts

Whether mobile phone or landline contract: In order to regulate your estate in the best possible way, you should ensure that your collected contract documents are available so that your surviving dependants can take care of the termination of your current telephone contracts as quickly as possible. Learn More


As practical as subscriptions are, some periods of notice are unpleasant. Especially when subscriptions are transferred to the surviving dependents after death. Make sure that you always keep an eye on your current subscriptions and provide for your heirs. Learn More

Utility Contracts

Contracts with electricity, gas and water suppliers can be easily stored and managed by memoresa. memoresa offers you the optimal environment for this and supports you in systematically recording your contracts. Learn More

Cloud Content

Dropbox, Google, Tinder & Co: With memoresa you can easily control and manage your cloud content. Who can know about your pictures, videos and discreet memberships – even after your death? With memoresa you can determine that yourself. Learn More

Pension Provision

How do my relatives get the benefits of my pension plan when I die? Carry out a concrete inventory with memoresa and let your surviving dependants know that you have provided for them. Learn More


Accounts, accounts and subscriptions – they should all be managed systematically: In addition, there are contracts with associations to be settled before and after death. With memoresa you keep track of your analogue and digital estate. Learn More


Who will take care of my insurance and contracts if I can no longer do it? Here you have to take precautions, because your insurances will continue to run after your death. With memoresa you can make sure that your surviving dependants know what to arrange for them. Learn More

Your data belongs to you and nobody else!

memoresa does not collect or store any data of its users. Your personal account belongs to you! You decide who can see your data. We protect your data with maximum care. This also includes that we do not pass on, sell or make available any of our users’ data to anyone.

Guaranteed! Now, for later, forever!


Can I record my digital estate in my will?

Wills rarely deal with the digital heritage to be administered after death.

Probate administrators hardly have the possibility to record and keep up-to-date this legacy in order to arrange for a structured, extensive and careful processing in the interest of the deceased and his or her surviving dependants.

Very few want to deal with the legal areas of personal rights (post-mortem), data protection law, rights of third parties, telemedia law and copyright in order to guarantee legal security for the heirs. In addition, the administration of digital heritage via a will would involve high costs and time.

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