That’s how you get in everywhere:

Vaccination certificate and digital ID card

  • your verified, digital proof of vaccination
  • with integrated proof of identity card
  • central storage, therefore independent of the device
  • store also further certificates and proofs

Log in to the memoresa app and secure yourself.


And best of all, it’s free for you!

With our test package you can create your digital vaccination record completely free of charge. In the test package, you can create three matters and pay nothing for them – and it stays that way!

To explain: One matter is, for example, your ID card or your vaccination certificate. You can find out more about this in our FAQs.

Still have questions?

You can find answers in our FAQs.

Here’s how it works:

Proof of vaccination

  • Log in to the memoresa portal.
  • On the overview page, click the button for proof of vaccination.
  • Scan your QR code, which you can get from verified partners in doctors’ offices or pharmacies.

      Identity card

      • Log in to the memoresa portal.
      • From the overview page, you can add a new document under Order > Personal documents > ID card.
      • Fill in the short dialog box and add photos of the front and back of your ID card.

      Additional verifications

      • Log in to the memoresa portal.
      • Select Add account from the menu and create a sub-account.
      • Now follow the same steps as described for the vaccination certificate and ID card.

      Bring order into your life

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      Get the memoresa app here!

      • Have your most important documents with you at all times.
      • Share documents with your contacts on the go.
      • Upload photos from the document directly to the memoresa portal.

      Download the memoresa app on your smartphone or tablet right now:

      FAQs – the most frequently asked questions:

      What distinguishes the memoresa app from other providers and what are its advantages?

      Unlike CovPass, the Corona warning app or the Luca app, your proof is not stored on the smartphone you used to scan the code, but centrally in your memoresa account. Therefore, prior registration is necessary. Access can be protected by 2-factor authentication.

      With the memoresa app, you can scan the QR code of your vaccination certificate, from which a digital proof of vaccination is created, which you can now show at controls.

      You must therefore first register on the portal and then create your proof there. Now, however, you can access the vaccination certificate from any smartphone or other device with access to the Internet by logging into the memoresa portal.

      What is a vaccination certificate?

      A vaccination certificate is proof of your COVID vaccination status. It is issued by authorized providers. It is a written confirmation with a QR code that can be scanned using scanning apps. For example, your vaccination certificate tells you whether you have already received a vaccination against the Corona virus and when this took place. The second vaccination or booster vaccination can also be identified in this way.

      How and where can I get a vaccination certificate?

      You can get a vaccination certificate in doctor’s offices, in many pharmacies or in vaccination centers. Depending on when your vaccination took place, you may have already received a slip of paper with a QR code. However, you can also get it later at the mentioned places without any problems. You must have your vaccination card and preferably your identity card with you.

      How do I create a digital vaccination record?

      If you already have your vaccination certificate with QR code, open the memoresa app. After logging in, you will see the action field for the vaccination certificate in the dashboard. Click on the button Scan QR code, hold the camera over your printed QR code and wait until it has been successfully captured. Now your digital proof of vaccination will be created automatically. You can access, edit and add to it at any time from the same place in the dashboard.

      Does the digital vaccination certificate replace the analog vaccination certificate?

      No. You still need your vaccination card because it contains even more information, for example, about other vaccinations such as tetanus. The digital vaccination certificate is a practical addition that protects you and allows quick access on the go.

      Can I also deposit booster vaccinations digitally?

      Yes, you can update your vaccination status and add booster shots at any time.

      Can other vaccinations besides COVID be digitally verified?

      This is a good idea that we definitely want to implement. Unfortunately, we are not yet able to offer this service.

      Why should I also have my ID card with me digitally?

      The vaccination certificate is personal. This means that your digital vaccination certificate shows the first and last name of the person to whom this vaccination certificate belongs. In some places it is necessary that you can prove that you are this person. For this purpose, your identity card with photo is required. This can be the case for example at the airport, but also cinemas and theater organizers secure themselves with this method twice.

      It therefore makes sense to digitally store a copy of your ID card so that a forgotten wallet doesn’t ruin your plans.

      Can I add evidence from other people?

      In the memoresa portal it is possible to create sub-accounts. These are structured in the same way as your account, but without your documents and content that you have stored.

      So you can create sub-accounts for your partner, children and other relatives and store vaccination certificate and identity card there using the same method.

      If you have more than three matters (one vaccination certificate corresponds to one matter, one ID card corresponds to one matter. Together that would be two matters.) or create more than one sub-account, memoresa is no longer free to use. You can now choose between three size packages and select the one that suits your purposes. You can find an overview here: Price table.

      What else can the memoresa app do?

      memoresa is the place for your digital order:

      memoresa is an online platform and mobile app for a digital order with system. We will guide you step by step through the process.

      The digital order offers you numerous advantages:

      1. only ONE place for ALL your documents
      2. quick to find thanks to smart filing system
      3. always with you on the go
      4. share documents with others over any distance
      5. Thought of everything? Don’t worry, we think for you!
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