Memoresa App: Manage bank accounts – and inherit as a precaution

Masterless bank accounts are a real nibble for banks, which after 30 years of timid search are allowed to pocket the assets of deceased persons. You can play it safe and also bequeath your bank accounts – here are the facts.

Prudently organized inheritance – bank accounts included

It is hard to believe: the assets in masterless bank accounts at German banks after the death of a relative are enormous – between two and nine billion euros are waiting for heirs. But if they have no knowledge that the deceased had such an account, the banks can be happy: After 30 years the money belongs to them. Against this background, it is plausible that the research efforts of the financial institutions are quite limited, especially since there are no clear rules on what is meant by sufficient research effort.

You can easily eliminate this risk:

The memoresa app allows you to cleanly sort both your analogue and digital life while you are still alive. Simply enter all your bank account details in the Accounts section, so that your surviving dependents have an exact overview in case of an emergency. What’s more, you can also define who should be informed about your bank accounts. This effectively prevents your assets from ending up in the banks. But this is only one aspect that you can track with the memoresa app, because here your entire digital estate – including bank accounts, data in clouds, contracts and disposals after death – is in safe hands.

Memoresa App: Digital estate, bank accounts and contracts clarified

Proceeding with foresight and managing one’s bank accounts in a modern way, also in the interest of the relatives, is not only extremely responsible and future-oriented, but also creates security. Memoresa supports you with intelligent tools, well thought-out processes and extremely secure data storage. Convince yourself of the extensive functions of the app, which you can use for free in the Freemium package: Register right here and be there when you start!

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