Managing telephone contracts and regulating digital estates

What does memoresa do for me?

memoresa offers you a platform on which you can systematically record and store the collected contract documents of the telecommunication providers. memoresa gives you instructions and supports you in all areas that should be regulated. In this way you can keep an overview and ensure that your surviving dependants can also act promptly in the event of your death: To cancel current contracts, you have to contact the providers. Thanks to your thorough inventory on memoresa, the termination can be carried out quickly.

What happens to my phone contracts when I die?

In general, contracts with telecommunications providers can be terminated by the surviving dependants. A special right of termination ensures that in the event of death the heirs do not have to take over contracts with a minimum term. However, if they continue to use the services of the provider, they must of course also bear the running costs.

Secure control over all your data during your lifetime
From different devices and locations
Digitally managing the estate in the cloud
Important necessary safety standards
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