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With our online portal memoresa, we have created a user-friendly way to have all important documents clearly and digitally at hand. However, many people face the hurdle of digitising their documents. There is not enough time to deal with the mountain of documents, files and folders or the technical requirements such as scanners are not available.

Digitale Ordnung auf Reisen bewahren, wie geht das am besten?

Because we want to offer everyone who wants digital order and provision a place for their most important documents, we have developed a solution to this obstacle: the Digitisation Complete Service.

Our founder Steffen Stundzig said in this regard: “The introduction of the digitisation complete service was a particular concern for us. Many people would like to manage their documents digitally, but do not yet have a structure or an overview of the scope. The effort required to digitise the documents simply seems too high. At memoresa, we take our customers over this hurdle and take a big step towards digitisation with them.”

What’s behind this digitisation service:

The aim of this renewal is to digitise analogue documents with just five clicks. To do this, the user registers with memoresa and places an order for the collection of the documents. They are then sent a special box for file folders, which is filled by the users, collected by us and brought to our headquarters in Leipzig.

Now everything runs automatically. The documents are securely digitised, uploaded to the user account and then sent back again. In order to guarantee our users a transparent service, the progress and return date can be viewed on the memoresa account.
The entire process is carried out under the highest data security aspects, and discretion is our top priority.
Our specialist lawyer for IT law Prof. Dr. Felix Buchmann had the following to say about this: “memoresa has developed a process that not only ensures convenience but also a high standard of security when digitising documents.”

We are pleased to close the interface between analogue and digital documents and thus also to create more customer proximity.


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