memoresa 2.0 – New functions, more integration


Secure, simple, transparent and digital. This is the best way to describe the new user interface of our portal for digital order and digital estate planning. With memoresa 2.0, we have given our portal a new and even more user-friendly look.

Digitale Ordnung auf Reisen bewahren, wie geht das am besten?

What has changed in the memoresa app?

With the new user interface (UI), the structured filing of accounts and account information is now even more intuitive and easier. The two content pillars “digital estate” and “digital order” are now visually separated from each other, so that you decide directly when you open the portal what you want to start with – with the digital estate planning or the digital order. The practical thing about this is that the two sorting options communicate with each other and update each other.
Example: I want to upload my private liability insurance to “Digital Estate” and can then also find it directly in my digital order folder without having to save this again in the folder.

To create an even more intuitive user experience, we have now created to-do lists to guide users through the portal and give them suggestions on what they can upload to complete their digital estate, for example. For better orientation, there are preset subfolders for the relevant topics. These can be thought of as digital drawers and resemble the organisation of an analogue file folder. For example, there are preset sub-folders for the topic “insurance” such as legal protection, occupational disability or the already mentioned private liability insurance under which you can upload your documents, save them digitally and thus have them at hand from anywhere at any time. In order to get the best possible overview of what you have already uploaded and which documents are still missing, you can see the progress of the respective matters highlighted visually.

What memoresas Co-Founder Steffen Stundzig says

“With the new user interface, we are creating a better user experience. We take users by the hand and guide them through the various steps in digital filing and digital estate. In this way, we support the digitisation of the most important matters.”

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