Digital Order gets improved folder structure


In addition to the digital estate area, the digital order in the memoresa portal and app also gets a new structure with our thematically sorted folders.

Through the thematic folders such as insurance, vehicle, work or memberships, the user can move specifically through all everyday topics and creates a solid digital order in all areas of life. The folders such as insurance contain further sub-folders such as liability or life insurance, which help to think of everything and get a real overview. In this way, we want to make it easy for even those with a lack of order to get started.

Digitale Ordnung auf Reisen bewahren, wie geht das am besten?

Focus on the needs of the users

Since we always ask ourselves when designing the portal and the app how we can make user guidance intuitive, simple and tailored to individual needs, we have retained the overview function for order experts in addition to the new topic folders.
This enables users who have found their own structure to transfer it to the portal. In this way, they also benefit from their functioning order digitally and have mobile access to their data.

The example of the subscription to Gartenlust magazine illustrates the double system:

Order with memoresa: With the memoresa folder structure, you will find the Subscriptions folder and within it the Newspaper & News subfolder. There you can store the contract information for your Gartenlust subscription and also find all the other subscriptions you have taken out.
Individual order: In the overview for order experts you first create a new matter in which you store the contract information and assign the type of contract. In an analogous order you would file this document in your garden folder. In the memoresa portal you proceed in a similar way and assign the keyword garden to the document. Under this keyword you will also find your membership in the allotment garden association and your wish list with the most beautiful flowers for the new bed.

Smart switch

The best thing about these two systems? The user does not have to choose! They can also switch between the views – they are synchronised with each other. This means that the document for the Gartenlust subscription that was uploaded individually with the keyword garden is also listed in the subscription folder.

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