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After two years of the Corona pandemic, visits to restaurants, cinemas and concerts are possible again. However, proof of vaccination must be presented for this.
Digital applications such as the Corona warning app and the Cov Pass app have become established. However, if the smartphone breaks while on the road or the battery runs out, access to the vaccination certificate is denied in one fell swoop. What to do.

We at memoresa have addressed this issue and developed our app so that access from multiple devices works. Now simply scan the QR code of the analog certificate and be able to show the vaccination certificate anywhere!

Digital care for the whole family

We keep our promise to create the “one place for everything” for our users. In the memoresa portal and the associated app, all relevant documents find their place.

In addition to the vaccination certificate, the ID card can also be uploaded, among other things. This is because it is not uncommon for these two documents to have to be shown in combination, for example at airports.

It is possible to create multiple vaccination certificates, which is particularly practical for families and makes life easier both when traveling and in everyday life.

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