3G control for the smart employer

Since the Infection Protection Act came into force on 24.11.21, employers have been obliged to check the 3G status of their workforce. The thought of the additional personnel and time required makes every stress-checked team throw their hands up in horror. But don’t worry: memoresa has the right solution!
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With our portal and the corresponding app (Android/iOS), this check can be carried out on a daily basis, easily and securely. A major advantage is that the check can be carried out regardless of location. Additional personnel costs are therefore unnecessary. Our tool is particularly suitable for professions in the craft sector or in the field.

This is how simple and secure 3G detection works

Employees create a personal user account with memoresa. Then they independently enter their 3G status together with their personnel number via the app. This includes vaccination certificates, test results and convalescence.

memoresa determines the respective 3G status from the information provided and provides the employer with a daily updated list. No information on the specific vaccination status is transferred. The employer only learns whether one of the three Gs is fulfilled or not. Data protection and privacy are therefore respected in any case.

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